Hi, I’m David. I’m currently a computer vision research engineer at covariant.ai. Before my current position, I was a computer vision researcher at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Prior to that, I was an undergraduate at Drake University. I came out of Drake with a B.S. in computer science and math and a B.A. in philosophy.

Research Interests:

My technical interests are mainly in machine learning, especially computer vision. My current work is in visual reasoning, through visual question answering. In order for machines to perform visual question answering tasks, they must be able to understand textual and visual features and reason about an image. My work is aimed at enabling just such understanding, while allowing insight into what these models learn. My overarching goal is to enable machines to understand the visual world in much the same way humans do.

My philosophical interests mainly lie at the intersection of computers and society. I’m interested in understanding human trust in computer systems, exploring why humans do or do not trust systems and what differences there are between humans trusting other humans and humans trusting computers. I’ve also worked at the philosophical intersection of Buddhism and technology.

See my research page for details.


Operating System: Arch Linux
Editor: Emacs
Window Manager: i3